Vortex Jiu Jitsu Academy Reviews

After trying a week at Vortex Jiu Jitsu we can definitely say that we are hooked. Tommy and his team of instructors are all very welcoming and professional. My wife and I are felt immediately comfortable with the overall laid back and friendly atmosphere. Tommy and his team are very knowledgeable when sharing new techniques. They are very patient and provide individual instruction when needed or asked. We can’t say enough! If you’re looking for a place to learn Jiu Jitsu, we would encourage anyone to try Legacy Vortex Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai Academy first!

Brad Benitez

Vortex Jiu jitsu Academy has been life-changing for my daughter and myself. Professor Tommy, along with all the coaches are amazing! My daughter now has more confidence in herself that I’ve ever seen. And after numerous injuries from the car accident I just think I would ever going to be able to do any type of physical activity anymore but everyone there has helped me so incredibly much start getting back in shape. Jiu jitsu changes lives! The amazing people at Vortex change lives!

James Phillips

Tommy is just an outstanding instructor he make's every class informative, fun, and just an overall amazing experience. This place seriously changed my life before I felt helpless like I couldn't defend myself when the time came to do so and Tommy changed that. And the environment is just fantastic everyone is so caring and helpful it's like a second family to me and I wouldn't want to train anywhere else.

Robert Tanner

Very professional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school.

•Great instructors.

•Positive atmosphere.

•Very good mix of classes to include BJJ, Muay Thai, Wrestle/Takedowns, MMA.

•Adult classes & Kids classes.

•Multiple classes all week long, works with any schedule.

All around an amazing school.

Not to mention you can come in and try a week for free, no strings attached. 👍🏻

Rob M.

Tommy Wales is a wonderful instructor - very experienced. He hosts a very safe academy and as a new comer to the sport/discipline I was made to feel at ease and very welcomed. Thank you guys.

Wade Gillespie

Great group of men and women, very hospitable, clean and a good atmosphere, thanks for the roles!!!

Richard Archuleta

Got a chance to train all week at Vortex. Amazing location, amazing instruction, and a clean/professional environment. I am a veteran and I appreciate how the owner took the time to personally thank me for my service and offer top notch instruction. Best reception I ever got and a gym I was visiting. I also loved how welcoming they were to a new youth grappler who was just coming in to observe. You can see the quality in the warmth they extend to the little ones just starting out. Just amazing.

Matthew Smith

Tommy has a great program going on here at Vortex. All the instructors are very informative. Everyone was super friendly and welcoming. I highly recommend Vortex to anyone interested! 🤙🏽

Rusty Hickman

Welcoming environment, caring coaches, and great Jiu Jitsu

Gabriel Etienne

Awsome jiu jitsu and amazing atmosphere

Keith Johnson

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