Darrio Torres

Martial Arts Instructor
Darrio Torres Instructor of Martial Arts In West Melbourne

Meet Darrio Torres, the embodiment of strength, skill, and dedication in the world of Jiu Jitsu. With a remarkable 19-year career in law enforcement, including 7 years of SWAT expertise and 3 years as a K9 handler, Darrio is not just an instructor—he’s a force to be reckoned with.

Law Enforcement Luminary: Bringing 19 years of invaluable experience in law enforcement, Darrio’s commitment to public safety is unparalleled.

SWAT Specialist: With 7 years on the SWAT team, Darrio’s tactical knowledge and precision make him a standout in high-pressure situations.

K9 Mastery: As a seasoned K9 handler for 3 years, Darrio’s bond with his four-legged partner exemplifies teamwork and trust.

Jiu Jitsu Journey: Darrio’s journey into Jiu Jitsu began 12 years ago as a supplement to his MMA training. After 4 years in Ohio, earning his blue belt, he moved to Florida and continued his ascent at Vortex BJJ under Tommy Wales, securing the coveted purple, brown, and black belts.

Tommy Wales Protégé: Under the guidance of Tommy Wales, Darrio’s prowess in Jiu Jitsu has flourished, making him an integral part of the Vortex family.