Jacob Prine

Martial Arts Instructor
Jacob Prine Instructor of Jiu Jitsu In Melbourne

Meet Jacob Prine, the Muay Thai maestro under the guidance of Tommy Wales. Jacob’s journey into the world of Muay Thai began in 2020, and in a short span, he has become a true force to be reckoned with.

Committed Disciple: Under Tommy Wales’ mentorship, Jacob has wholeheartedly dedicated himself to mastering the art of Muay Thai.

Triumphant Triumph: Jacob’s commitment bore fruit at the IKF 2021 Muay Thai Championship, where he emerged victorious, showcasing his skill and determination in the ring.

Striking Excellence: Known for his precision and technique, Jacob’s dynamic approach to Muay Thai sets him apart as a standout instructor.

Vortex Muay Thai Experience: Join Jacob at Vortex Jiu Jitsu for an unparalleled Muay Thai experience, where every strike is a step towards excellence.