Michael Caicedo

Martial Arts Instructor
Michael Caicedo Instructor of Martial Arts In Melbourne

Meet Michael Caicedo, a dedicated brown belt under the guidance of Tommy Wales at Vortex Jiu Jitsu Academy. With 7 years of relentless commitment to fitness and combat sports, Michael is a true powerhouse on the mats.

Brown Belt Brilliance: Under Tommy Wales, Michael has attained the esteemed brown belt, a testament to his skill and dedication in the world of Jiu Jitsu.

Tournament Titan: Michael’s competitive journey spans statewide tournaments, including IBJJF, NewBreed, and Naga, showcasing his prowess in various grappling disciplines.

MMA Marvel: Venturing into the world of MMA, Michael has not only competed but triumphed in promotions like Combat Night and Raise of a Warrior. His skills have also graced super-fight cards by Fight2Win, SubmissionHunterPro, SubStars, and he’s a veteran of ADCC trials.

Renato Tavares Association’s Best: Named the 2019 Competitor of the Year by the Renato Tavares Association, Michael’s excellence and sportsmanship have been recognized at the highest level.

Vortex Vanguard: Michael stands tall as a symbol of dedication and excellence within the Vortex Jiu Jitsu community, inspiring others to push their limits.