Shannon Johnson

Martial Arts Instructor
Shannon Johnson Instructor of Karate In Palm Bay

Meet Shannon Johnson, a seasoned Black Belt under the esteemed Professor Tommy Wales at Vortex Jiu Jitsu Academy. With over 4 years of dedicated training, Shannon is not just a practitioner but a dynamic force in the world of martial arts.

Black Belt Excellence: Under the expert guidance of Professor Tommy Wales, Shannon has achieved the pinnacle of Jiu Jitsu mastery, earning a well-deserved Black Belt.

Competitive Dynamo: As an active competitor in both Gi and NoGi competitions, Shannon’s tenacity and skill have left an indelible mark on the mats.

Muay Thai Warrior: Venturing into the world of Muay Thai under the Renato Tavares Association, Shannon has showcased versatility and prowess in striking arts.

Vortex Vanguard: Shannon stands as a testament to the commitment and excellence fostered at Vortex Jiu Jitsu, embodying the warrior spirit on every front.